Customer Survey
Please complete the survey by checking the box that best represents your opinion of our performance when serving you and the importance of each item in your relationship with LCEF.
 Performance RatingImportance Rating
 Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeither Agree or DisagreeAgreeStrongly AgreeN/A Not At All ImportantNot Very ImportantNeutralImportantVery ImportantN/A
When I call LCEF, it is always easy to reach the person or area I am trying to contact.       
LCEF team members give me their undivided attention.       
LCEF employees are knowledgeable.       
LCEF team members provide the expertise I need.       
My interactions with LCEF are always a pleasant experience.       
LCEF listens to me and offers solutions based on my needs.       
My questions and concerns are handled promptly and efficiently.       
I am always thanked for my business.       
LCEF team members take time to answer my questions thoroughly.       
LCEF provides competitive interest rates.       
My business is always handled accurately.       
LCEF team members make me feel like I am their number one priority.       
My financial information is safe and secure at LCEF.       
LCEF team members use my name during my inquiries and transactions.       
The business hours at LCEF (7am-6pm, CST) are convenient for me.       
The ministry focus of LCEF is an important reason to do business with LCEF.       
I always receive a timely response to my inquiries.       
I can tell that LCEF team members really care about me.       
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